I can honestly say I'm getting worse and worse at blogging regularly. But, there's no news as to my acceptance yet. Well, Mother called (and left a message) to say that she probably won't be able to send me a letter or review the full application for another few weeks. 1) because she's currently on vacation, 2) because she'll be traveling to a local university with her novices for further formation/schooling for a week, and 3) she's just that busy!
In the meantime, I am going on pilgrimage. I am chaperoning (no, helping to chaperone) 22 high-school-aged women to Rome and Germany in celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the Schoenstatt Movement. It is a pilgrimage of the US Schoenstatt Girls' Youth. There are several other pilgrimage groups going to Europe at various times of this year. I am looking forward to being once again in the Heart of Mother Church in Rome. I am looking forward to being once again in the heart of Schoenstatt, Koblenz Germany. I will be leaving in 3 days to carpool to a Schoenstatt center in Wisconsin, stay overnight there, and go on to Chicago International Airport on Sunday.
I probably will not be able to blog while I'm abroad. But I have created a Tumblr picture blog for the occasion, in the event that I can find WIFI and upload a few pictures every once in a while. You can find the link to my Tumblr on the right side of my homepage, or just click here. :)

Please keep me in your prayers, and know that I carry you with me on this pilgrimage. If you have specific prayer intentions you'd like me to carry spiritually, please email me here.

Prayerfully Yours,
The Devoted One

Schoenstatt Shrine in Quarten, Switzerland. Image courtesy of Debby Garrett on Pinterest. We will be visiting this shrine on Saturday, July 12.



hannah kahle
07/02/2014 9:55am

Prayers for you as you embark on a new and exciting journey! Blessings!
Hannah kahle


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